My Research into Calvinism

The Church today has gotten into some pretty interesting teachings and has been split for some time, especially the church here in America which focuses more on what feels good compared to the truth of God's Word. We have divisions between evangelicals and charismatics, pre-trib or post-trib rapture supporters, flat earthers and globalists, and of course Calvinism vs Arminianism, all of which have really gotten big these days.

This being said, I not only know many calvinists, but have also seen the "Calvinism craze" among a lot of younger believers here in America. I don't want to start an argument here or cause any more division than there already is, but I'm writing this article not to prove Arminianism right (because I don't believe they've got it down either) or completely deny everything Calvinism says (because in some sense they have a few things right), instead I want to analyze Calvinism, free will, and predestination according to scripture and s…

The Truth About the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory

After all my years of going from church to church, Bible study to Bible study, prayer group to prayer group, inevitably I always here something to the effect of, "well don't worry about it, we'll be raptured out of here before it even happens." But the thing is, I've never bought into that concept. It sounds "right", it sounds good, and it is extremely appealing, but the truth of the matter is that there is not one verse in the Bible that actually, completely supports the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory". Just like the Big Bang Theory or the Theory of Evolution, the Pre-Trib Rapture is something that many Western Christians (specifically here in America) have bought into simply because it's the most common and publicized opinion on the End Times foretold in the books of Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, and all throughout the Holy Scriptures.

There are three things that classify how doctrines come into being. It needs the text to back it up, t…

'Priest' Film Review

So, I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago getting my normal groceries and I walked past the movie section once again. Now, I've actually gotten good about not buying every movie I want when I want it since I got to college (must be a money thing...), but this DVD has caught my eye every time I've walked into Smiths. In big, bold letters it read "FALLEN ANGEL". In this $10 DVD set, the films Legion, Priest, and Gabriel were included, the first and last of which I had seen before (I'm not a huge fan of them but upon rewatching I have come to enjoy them slightly more, although they're totally off like most films and TV shows are when it comes to biblical history). However, I had not seen Priest. For years my brother has been telling me to watch this movie, saying that (much like the Book of Eli) I would really appreciate and enjoy it. I refused for a long time partially because it was by the same guy who directed Legion, which was a movie that made me more m…