A Poem Based on Revelation 12


Silence, seclusion, exile. This dry, barren land where he is to live out the rest of his days, sitting, writing, waiting for his sweet release. Inspired by the Voice in his head, he begins to write as his words become likes stars, shining in the night sky...

There was war in the heavens as the skies fell, and the stars were falling with them. The dragon, exiled from his homeland, fought to take back what he had so foolishly thrown away. His brother, mighty and strong, forced the beast back, who was once among the host, now fallen. The dragon and his followers persisted, because they knew their time was short. His brother drew his fiery sword and struck him down by the power of their Father, who knows how this all ends. His fallen brother, the dragon, was to be bound for a thousand years until his short parole before his final judgment at the end. The brother mourned, because he remembered who the dragon once was as he sees now what he has become.

Oh how far the stars have fallen.


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