Prayer Requests

So here's the thing, as a fallen creation, I am not above needing prayer. I went out tonight with a friend who at the end of the night asked me how he could pray for me, and I gave him a truthful answer. Though to be perfectly honest, there are a few other things that I would also like prayer for if any of you could spare the time I would greatly appreciate it...

1. I would really like prayer for this above all else: that the Lord would insert in me a burning DESIRE to know Him and an uncanny LOVE for his Word. This is extremely important to me and I need continuous prayer on this matter.

2. That I would not allow pride to creep into my heart. Pride is the root of all evil, and quite honestly Satan's greatest sin which banished him from Heaven in the first place. One thing I've noticed in myself lately is that although there are many times where I am right about things pertaining to Scripture, I often allow myself to be prideful about it instead of humble. This is an issue and it's something I need serious prayer for.

3. Lust, as described to me by a good friend, is "the apatite of demons expressed through humans". If this is true, and I believe it is, then I think many of us have a serious problem. Although I cannot speak for anyone else, I can speak for myself in saying that this is an issue of mine. Although I don't struggle with lust in the ways that I used to throughout middle and high school, I am certainly still struggling with it within my own mind, and it needs to stop. Please pray for me in this regard, because although I recognize it and repent of it (as well as my other sins) daily, I'm still having a hard time taking every thought captive, especially since I'm someone who is inside my head 24/7.

4. That I would continue to thrive in my relationships with my friends and family even while being away at school, a two day drive from home. This has been going well thus far, I'm really happy to report, but I certainly don't want to be cut off from any of my closest friends, even as I make new friends here. Please pray that my relationships with my old friends from middle and high school who I've grown up with and continue to count on will continue to thrive and grow even as we are now further away from each other. I ask that you would also pray this same prayer for my relationship with my family as well, as I still call them everyday. It's hard to be without my parents to lean on, my sisters to hug and laugh with/at, and my brother whom I love very much.

5. Please pray that I continue to find good Christian friends while at college. The Lord has truly blessed me by putting multiple people in my life who know and love the Lord already who I can learn a lot from, but please pray that this will continue.

6. Please pray that I would also have multiple witnessing opportunities on campus. I have already been blessed with a few, but please pray that they would continue and that I would be prepared for anything. Also that these conversations would be initiated by others and not by me, because I'm truly terrible at initiating those conversations, which I think is one of my fatal flaws.

7. Finally, please pray that I will learn to be humble and more grateful. One can never be humble enough and I pray that I will continue to grow in that area. I've become extremely grateful of friends and family as of late, and I hope that this will continue. Please pray for me in those areas.

Thank you guys so much, blessings to you all, and if anyone else needs any specific prayers in their own life, please feel free to let me know!


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