Merry Christmas Everybody!

I have a confession to make, this year just don't seem like Christmas to me, at all. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that, but it still bothers me.

I want to take a moment and remember someone, remember Jesus Christ. Not necessarily that He died for all of our sins, though certainly that, but that He actually humbled Himself to the point of becoming human and being stripped of some of His divine attributes. Not that He COULDN'T use His power, but that He CHOSE not to so that He could be mortal like us. How incredible is that?

Many say to "keep the Christ in Christmas" or to remember that "He is the reason for the season", while others remind us that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday and at it's core really doesn't have anything to do with Him, but I challenge you to do something else this fine Christmas morning (something I'm challenged to do as well), I challenge you to not think of yourself or the presents, but to think of His humility in becoming a man, by not being God and being Jesus of Nazareth. I challenge you to think of your family and how He has blessed you. I challenge you to sing His praise and worship Him and to remember that although He may NOT be the original "reason for the season", Christmas is still a doorway towards godly conversation and a way to share the love of Christ, not just on the 25th of December, but all year round.

Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays, enjoy my favorite Christmas tune, and have a Happy New Year!


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