Wyatt's Math on Jesus' Death & Sacrifice

I wanted to re-blog something that my brother Wyatt posted on Facebook a few weeks or so ago. Some food for thought:

Just curious on how long ago Jesus Died on the Cross, so I looked it up and there have been 3 (that I know of) scientists who have been able to calculate the time it has been since Jesus died. 
Now are they right is a different question but from what Sir Isaac Newton calculated is that He died on April 3rd, 34 AD. And if you can't do the math from how long ago that was, I'll do it for you! 
It was 1,980 years ago... WOW! Now, keep in mind that Jesus took EVERY sin that we have ever made from before His birth to today's date. In 20 years, Jesus would have died 2,000 years ago... There are over 7.046 billion people on this planet.... We sin AT THE LEAST once per day... So let's do some more math... 365 times 1980. WAIT! There's also leap days, so lets do the math now 365 x 1980 = J + (495) which equals 723,195... That's how many days (not exactly) have passed since His death... now... some people sin more than others... and since let's just say we all sin about twice a day... that's about 1,446,290 sins that have been committed since then.... BUT the earth is about 6,000 years old... So there's 3,000 years that haven't been checked... Just so you know... Jesus took on every single sin we committed. 
I really want you to think about what you've done for Him in return (before you say well you're worse then me, that may be...) and I'm not saying I'm right... I'm just asking you to live like you owe Jesus to carry out his work... because we do... and we as 7.046 billion people owe Jesus everything... So what are you doing for Him?


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