Finding Christ in... I, Frankenstein!

I know what many of you are thinking... "There is no way he can be finding Jesus Christ in a movie like I, Frankenstein". If you had told me that 8 months ago when I first saw the film, I'd wholeheartedly agree with you. In fact, I would have agreed with you until yesterday! So what changed? I'm glad you asked...

Yesterday, I was on my Comixology account where I was browsing through comics that I had purchased not wanting to really read any of them, until I stumbled upon a book called I, Frankenstein: Genesis. In all honesty, I didn't even purchase the book, it was free and they were offering so I decided to add it to my collection remembering that I thought the movie was kind of cool but never actually reading the book. Interesting stuff.

For those who haven't seen I, Frankenstein, here are the cliff-notes. Man creates monster. Man tries to destroy monster. Monster kills man (and wife). Monster hunted by demons. Monster kills demons. Monster meets Gargoyles (essentially a lower-class of angels tasked by Michael himself to battle demons on Earth). Gargoyles call Monster Adam. Adam runs around for 200 years. Adam hunted by demons again. Adam asks Gargoyles for help. Gargoyles chain him up and demons attack to retrieve him. Adam meets doctor lady who helps him understand who/what he is. Adam and doctor lady fight demons. Doctor lady kidnapped by head-demon Niberius. Adam leads Gargoyles to demon HQ. Gargoyles vs demons. Adam saved doctor lady and beats Niberius. Adam vows to work with the Gargoyles to keep peace on Earth and fight demons. "I, descender of demons. I, my father's son. I, Frankenstein."

Over-all, I, Frankenstein is a pretty basic Frankenstein vs. demon fest that's actually fairly entertaining to watch. However, it's nothing special and doesn't really emphasize Jesus Christ, keeping a more Catholic view of holy objects, the Bible, and the Gargoyles mission. However, in the prequel comic book Genesis, we are told of the origins of the Gargoyle Queen, the demon prince Niberius, and Adam Frankenstein. The one I want to focus on is that of the Gargoyle Queen, Leonore.

In her story, Leonore is exiled from the Gargoyle Order under suspicion that she is a traitor, when in reality she actually stopped the Gargoyles from killing people instead of demons, which the Gargoyles thought they were. As Leonore finds herself wandering the globe, she encounters a Crusader (yes, of the Crusades) who teaches her to fight. But that's not all, he actually shares with her the Gospel itself! Granted, he doesn't actually mention Jesus Christ by name, but he does have a correct look on biblical theology here as he shares with her the Good News. Take a look:

Okay, honestly though, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!?

I have to admit, not only was this something that I did not expect at all from a comic book associated with the movie I, Frankenstein, but it is also not something I expected to be FREE on Comixology! 

If you're interested in this comic, it's called I, Frankenstein: Genesis and is currently FREE on the Comixology website (the Internet's version of Netflix for digital comics, except you have to pay for each issue you buy, so more like Amazon). I suggest checking it out. Not only are all three stories entertaining and engaging, but you have something like this Gospel message thrown out at you in the middle of the book! AND, they quote Romans 8:28 in not one, but TWO of the three sections of this graphic novel.

I really hope you guys check it out and even if you don't I hope you're encouraged by this, I know I was as it was something that really brightened up my day after not at all expecting that. It even gave me a deeper appreciation for the movie itself. Anyway, thank you all for reading, I pray that this is encouraging to you, and God bless!



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